TSA PreCheck adds 4 carriers to program, bringing total to more than 100 participating airlines

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with the latest information.

Flyers who don’t want to deal with the hassle of long security lines can now use the Transportation Security Administration’s expedited screening program at even more airports across the U.S. and U.S. territories.

The TSA added these four airlines to its TSA PreCheck program Monday:

  • Aer Lingus
  • Air New Zealand
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Saudia

This means 102 airlines now participate in the time-saving program.

TSA PreCheck allows passengers flying with these carriers to forgo the arduous process of taking off their shoes as well as removing laptops and liquids from their baggage at airport security. This can dramatically speed up your security experience.

Each of the recently added airlines is the flagship carrier of its respective country. This expansion adds even more opportunities for travelers heading to European, Oceanic or African countries to breeze through U.S. airport security before they depart.

If you are making the long journey to New Zealand but don’t want to spring for business-class seats, Air New Zealand’s Skycouch is a cozy and budget-friendly alternative. If you do want to go the business-class route for a flight on Ethiopian Airlines, be sure to read TPG’s review of the product first so you know what to expect.

TSA PreCheck is available at more than 200 U.S. airports and one foreign Preclearance airport, Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) in Nassau, Bahamas.

The expedited screening program has become increasingly popular with flyers, with more than 18 million enrolled passengers. In May 2023, the TSA also expanded the program to allow teenagers 13 to 17 years old to accompany a parent or guardian already enrolled in TSA PreCheck.

Despite TSA PreCheck’s increasing popularity and the ongoing chaos of busy travel periods and the delays and cancellations they bring, the agency has still kept wait times low for the expedited screening program. About 99% of travelers enrolled in TSA PreCheck spend 10 minutes or less in security screening checkpoints.

Priced at $78, a five-year TSA PreCheck membership is open to travelers who are U.S. citizens. TSA PreCheck can be renewed six months before the membership expires, with five-year renewals costing $70. Members of other Trusted Traveler Programs like Global Entry and SENTRI are also eligible for TSA PreCheck.

There are several ways to get TSA PreCheck without paying for the program out of pocket. Certain credit cards offer statement credits that will cover the TSA PreCheck application fee and reimburse travelers once they enroll in the program and when they renew their memberships.

Among the popular cards that feature this benefit are:

TSA PreCheck issues flyers with a Known Traveler Number indicating their program eligibility. Flyers can then apply that number to flight bookings with participating carriers at select airports and skip the long security lines. Now, more flyers than ever before can benefit from this time-saving program.

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