You are currently viewing JetBlue unveils new Mosaic elite status perks for 2024 including upgrades at booking

JetBlue unveils new Mosaic elite status perks for 2024 including upgrades at booking

Fresh off a major overhaul to its True Blue program this past year, JetBlue is adding perks for 2024 for members who qualify for Mosaic Elite status.

Starting in 2024, the New York-based carrier is adding to its menu of Mosaic Perks You Pick, including the chance to earn hotel elite status within the IHG One Rewards program and rental car elite status with Avis.

Plus, high-level Mosaic members will be able to upgrade to JetBlue’s premium Mint cabin immediately after booking a flight. 

Upgrades to Mint, including lie-flat seats on JetBlue’s growing list of transatlantic routes.

All of these changes are new perks, added to the list of benefits Mosaic members can enjoy and — as of now, at least — JetBlue has not announced any qualification changes to its True Blue program for 2024.

Seemingly the lone downside in the news: JetBlue will shift to a dynamic system for Mint upgrades, making it a little more unpredictable how many certificates a Mosaic member will need to move to the premium cabin.

The news follows sweeping changes JetBlue made to its True Blue program and Mosaic elite status over the last year, expanding it out into four status tiers (Mosaic 1 through 4).

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JetBlue Mosaic changes for 2024

JetBlue’s changes to Mosaic status for 2024 fall into two categories: new signature perks awarded to all members in a particular elite status tier and new Mosaic Perks You Pick — the menu of benefits Mosaic members get to pick from each time they qualify for a new status tier.

New Mosaic Perks You Pick

JetBlue’s new Mosaic Perks You Pick, starting in 2024, allows members a handful of new options they can select from upon reaching a new status tier. You get one choice from the menu once you reach Mosaic 1, another upon reaching Mosaic 2, etc.

New options include:

  • IHG One Rewards Platinum Elite status — an upper-level elite status tier in IHG’s loyalty program that affords members  60% bonus earnings on points, complimentary upgrades, early check-in and other benefits. 
  • Gifting a 20-tile bonus — now a separate perk from a 20-tile bonus, which, as of now, you can keep for yourself or gift to another True Blue member; going forward, there will be a ‘keep’ and a ‘gift’ option. As a reminder, tiles are how you earn Mosaic elite status.

These perks will be added to a menu of choices that already includes:

  • Mint Suite priority
  • FoundersCard Blue membership
  • Pet fee waiver
  • One-time $99 statement credit on select JetBlue credit cards
  • 20-tile bonus 
  • 15,000 True Blue points bonus

New signature perks 

JetBlue is also adding a couple of Mosaic perks for members that are awarded for all elite members, or at least all members of certain tiers, including:

  • Avis status match — a chance to skip the counter and earn car upgrades. JetBlue says this perk will arrive “later in 2024.”
  • A dedicated phone support line for Mosaic 3 and 4 members
  • Revamped Move to Mint starting Jan. 4, 2024, which allows Mosaic 3 and 4 members to confirm their move to Mint immediately after booking. Note that the number of upgrade certificates required to move to Mint will now vary between one and four, and will be dynamically priced
  • Mosaic 4 members will be able to gift Mosaic 1 status to another True Blue member. One note: members who received gifted status will not be eligible for a Perks You Pick selection, a 5,000-point bonus or JetBlue Vacations bonus.
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A JetBlue aircraft at the gate at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). SEAN CUDAHY/THE POINTS GUY

Bottom line

Citing customer feedback in announcing the changes, JetBlue’s Mosaic additions for 2024 provide members with a handful of new options, whether it’s the chance to boost your own progress toward status and that of a family member… or picking up elite status in the IHG One Rewards program.

Certainly, the one meaningfully negative change could potentially be the dynamically-priced Mint upgrades. This could alter how far your four upgrade certificates go (Mosaic 3 members get four certificates with their status; Mosaic 4 members get two more). Upgrades will now require between and four certificates for a flight, depending on factors like the route and pricing.

Now, they may only have enough for an upgrade in one direction, depending on the dynamic pricing.

Also keep in mind that, although Delta SkyMiles members can currently status match into Mosaic, the match technically bars members who earn Mosaic via the match from selecting from the Perks You Pick menu; the airline is offering ‘pre-selected’ perks instead. So, you’d likely need to re-qualify for 2025 to enjoy most of those benefits, including the new ones just unveiled.

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